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Welcome to The Rotisserie Grill! 

We are a true family restaurant - family-owned and family-run.  Situated in the Collector's Hill area on South Road in Smith's, we offer the best value for you and YOUR family, dine in or take out.

Relax in our comfortable Dining Room or make the most of our fast To Go service, if you're tasked with bringing home the dinner or you're just on the run. 

As Emeril Lagasse's quote says on our wall "We're not building a rocket ship here, we're cooking ~ plain & simple" 

We serve a small selection of Beers and Wine for Dine In service.


Monday to Saturday ~ 11am to 10pm

Sunday ~ 8am to 8pm

REAL Food   |   REAL Good   |   REAL Fast


Who We Are

Owners Walter and Wilmont have a hands-on approach - they look forward to seeing you!

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